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Our History

The Alternatives to Violence Project began in America in 1975. A group of inmates at Green Haven Prison in New York noticed that many young men kept reoffending, and were struggling with violence in their lives.

The inmate groups asked the Quakers, responsible for organizing the Peace Marches at the time, to help theme communicate the consequences of violence. Together the inmates and Quakers organized a workshop to help the young men find new ways to deal with violent, situations.

The Workshop was successful, more workshops were requested, and AVP was born and grew. Workshops spread into community and school groups. AVP is now an independent organization, with no religious affiliations.

AVP is a worldwide organization, conduction hundreds of workshops across the world each year. AVP has held workshops in many countries including Africa, Afghanistan, Palestine and Central America

Workshops are conducted in all Australian states. Currently in A, We have active groups in Perth and the Kimberley.

AVP workshops are powerful community building processes that offer an alternative perspective on conflict and violence

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