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The workshop was fun. I feel way better about myself than I did last week.

Hari Khadka

I learnt to work as part of an effective leadership team, and developed self confidence as a leader

Nimesh Shrestha

Empowering, Supportive, motivating. This workshop gave me more self confidence and insight about my personality

Sapana Thapa

It showed me a different way of dealing with violence and life

Bimal Chettri

Sharing and listening to people’s stories was so special I have seen so much beauty honesty and humor, I feel privileged to have been here.

Pratima Rai

It was a different approach. We dealt with difficult issnes in a light hearted way. We had good fun and built a community.

Rajan Thapa

Over 7 years of experience we’ll ensure you get the heavy enjoy.